The Great Financial Equalizer

The World’s Biggest Finance Giants Unite to Share Their Most Shocking Predictions for 2024 and Exactly What Will Mint New Millionaires

About James Rickards

James Rickards is the Editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Sold Out (2022), The New Great Depression (2021), Aftermath (2019), The Road to Ruin (2016), The New Case for Gold (2016), The Death of Money (2014), and Currency Wars (2011) from Penguin Random House.

He is an investment advisor, lawyer, inventor, and economist, and has held senior positions at Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates. In 1998, he was the principal negotiator of the rescue of LTCM sponsored by the Federal Reserve.

His clients include institutional investors and government directorates. He is an op-ed contributor to the Financial Times, Evening Standard, The Telegraph, New York Times, and Washington Post.

About Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff began his investment career as a financial consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers, after having earned a degree in finance and accounting from U.C. Berkeley in 1987. A financial professional for over thirty years, he is the owner of Euro Pacific Asset Management, Chief Economist and Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital (a division of Alliance Global Partners), and Chairman of SchiffGold (a precious metals dealer based out of Manhattan).

As an expert on money, economic theory, and international investing, Peter is a highly recommended broker by many leading financial newsletters and investment advisory service. Peter achieved national notoriety in 2008 as being one of the few economists to have accurately forecast the financial crisis well in advance. Between 2004 and 2006 he had made numerous high-profile statements predicting the bursting of the real estate bubble, significant declines in national real estate prices, the collapse of the mortgage market and the banking sector, the bankruptcy and bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

About Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente is the Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal. With a 40-year track record of identifying, tracking and forecasting trends, Celente is world-renowned as today's #1 Trend Forecaster.

Gerald Celente has been featured in many media outlets and is known for being outspoken and unencumbered by conventional wisdom.

He is an expert at analysing current events and identifying future trends with uncanny accuracy.

Gerald is worried about what the future holds in all aspects: social, political and economic.

He believes the stock market doesn’t reflect the economy and there will be a serious market correction. He states “the market will hit serious lows and it’s going to get really bad. And when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it. And when WWIII goes international, everything will be lost.”

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