The Financial Freedom Summit

Former Treasurer of Australia Peter Costello reveals how to become financially resilient as our country grows poorer

About Peter Costello

Peter Costello is a former politician who served as the treasurer of Australia in government of John Howard from 1996 to 2007. He is the longest-serving treasurer in Australia's history.

Mr. Costello brought down twelve consecutive Federal Budgets, including ten surpluses. During that period, he eliminated Commonwealth Government debt in net terms.
As a result, Australia's credit rating was upgraded twice to AAA.

Peter Costello also introduced the largest tax reform in Australian history called: A New Tax System, which introduced GST, abolished seven taxes and reduced income, capital gains and company taxes.

Also as Treasurer he:

  • Re-designed financial supervision and established new prudential and consumer regulators;
  • Reformed and modernised Corporations law;
  • Established the Takeovers Panel to hear disputes over mergers and acquisitions;
  • Introduced inflation-targeting for monetary policy by agreement with the Reserve Bank Governor.

Mr Costello served on the Committee of the IMF, as a Governor of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and as Chair of the G-20 Central Bankers and Finance Ministers group.

About Troy Harris

Troy Harris is an artificial intelligence educator, with over 6 years of experience leveraging the power of the latest technologies to generate passive income, consistently.

Troy has taught and helped thousands of people navigate a unique AI trading bot, responsible for generating daily passive income.

As a result, Troy has spoken alongside some of the world’s top financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Deepak Chopra and Peter Schiff.

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