New World Disorder - 7 Days To Go

World renowned activist and radio talk show host Charlie Kirk reveals in an exclusive interview: How To Survive The Current Economic And Political Oppression

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk, is a friend of former President Donald Trump and the Founder of Turning Point USA, the largest and fastest-growing conservative youth activist organization in the country with 400,000 student members, 450 full and part-time staff, and a presence on over 2,500 high school and college campuses.

Charlie's social media reaches over 100 million people per month and he was name as one of the "top 10 most engaged" handles in the world.

Charlie is also a New York Times and Amazon #1 best-selling author of "The MAGA Doctrine: The Only Ideas that Will Win the Future”.

His podcast "The Charlie Kirk Show" was downloaded over 120 million times in the last 12 months, regularly ranks among the top-10 shows on Apple podcast news charts and is syndicated on over 120 radio stations.

Darren Jenkins

Darren Jenkins is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and wealth creation strategist passionate about helping people from all walks of life leverage the power of Decentralized Finance. He is known for demystifying the language of Blockchain technology.

Darren has spoken at some of the biggest blockchain and Web 3.0 conferences around the world, alongside world renowned economists and media personalities such as Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent.

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